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28 April 2020  We would first and foremost like to thank our clients for their patience and understanding, and for observing our clinic’s COVID-19 Alert Level 4 protocols during the lockdown. Our team is extremely proud of what New Zealanders have achieved together. At Alert Level 3, our team is working hard to continue to minimise the spread of COVID-19 while providing the best possible veterinary care to your pets. Significant changes to our usual clinic operation will still be present during this time:

(1) No members of the public are permitted to enter the clinic premises. Please phone us upon arrival at the clinic and one of our team members will come out to your car to escort your pet into the clinic for a veterinary examination. The duty veterinarian will examine your pet and phone you to address any health concerns you have with your pet. If you are coming to the clinic to pick up medications or food, please also phone us from your car, and our team member will provide directions on where to collect these supplies in a contactless manner.

(2) Please ring us on 063588675 to schedule urgent consultations in advance, or to order your pet’s medications, food, flea/worm preventatives or any other retail products. Please allow for at least 2-4 working days for prescription medications, and at least 4 working days for food orders to be organised for collection.

(3) For pets currently registered with us as a patient - we do have limited ability to offer phone consultations with one of our veterinarians working remotely for less urgent conditions and re-prescription medication authorisations. Please note that there will be a consultation fee for this phone service.

(4) In order to lower the risk of our entire team being exposed to COVID-19, we continue to have reduced staffing levels in Level 3 to meet physical distancing requirements and additional sanitising measures have been instituted at the clinic. This does mean that our team members are still incredibly busy as everything takes longer to complete. For this very reason, we seek your kind understanding when you are phoning us for an appointment as we may not be able to offer you an appointment within our previous time frames. If your pet has a non-urgent and stable health concern, we would appreciate if you phoned us at COVID-19 Alert Level 2 instead. However, if you are feeling uncertain or worried about your pet’s condition, or have any other urgent enquiries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 063588675.

(5) It is important that you let us know if you have flu/cold symptoms, have been tested or awaiting results for COVID-19, or if a member of your household is a confirmed or probable COVID-19 patient. This so that our team members can take additional precautions when handling your pet. Please do not break self-isolation to bring your pets to the clinic – send a representative instead. It will be helpful if you could complete a Pet Health Questionnaire (download it at and email this to us at 


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 Thank you so much for your patience and kind understanding.
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Kia kaha,
The team at Cahill Animal Hospital 
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