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Please note: Due to COVID-19 physical distancing requirements, we have significantly reduced availability of grooming appointments and are currently not scheduling any further appointments until further notice. Thank you for your understanding.

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Misty enjoying her groom


Our grooming services are available five days a week. As we operate on an appointment-only basis, please call to make a time with our professional groomer. Several grooming packages are available at our clinic, as detailed below.


Full Groom Package

 How long does it take? From 1.5 hours and up, depending on breed, and requirements.


Mini-Groom Package 

 How long does it take? From 1 hour and up, depending on breed, and requirements.


Puppy's 1st Groom Package

 How long does it take? From 1 hour and up, depending on breed, and requirements.


Bath and Blow Dry Package

 How long does it take? From 1 hour and up, depending on breed, and requirements.



All our grooming packages are priced per hour, and the total price for your dog will depend on how long it takes and if there are any special considerations - please phone us on 063588675 to book your dog in for a grooming consultation.

If we need to ask another member of staff to assist us with your dog for more than 15 minutes, you will be charged extra for their time. The reason we may need to ask another member of staff to assist, is to help relax your dog while working with the sensitive areas such as nails, ears, and sanitary areas.





We always welcome your feedback. If you are not happy with your dog's groom, please come and discuss this with us. It is often possible to adjust a groom if you are not sure about something, so please let us know if you would like something changed.


Frequently asked questions

1) What if I need to cancel?

We send out a text message the day before the groom is scheduled and this requires you to text back a Y to confirm and N to cancel.

If you do not have a mobile phone, we will call you directly.

Please allow as much time as possible when cancelling before your scheduled appointment as there may be another client who would like that spot.

**A cancellation fee may be incurred if a groom is cancelled after it has been confirmed or if the groomers have not been contacted about the cancellation.


2) Can I leave my dog there while I am at work or an appointment?

Yes! You are very welcome to leave your dog here while you are at work or at an appointment. Keep in mind your dog will be groomed at the time the appointment was made, so if you happen to be here earlier than the appointment they will not be done any earlier.

All dogs that are here for the day are taken to the toilet and given a bowl of water.


3) Do I need to toilet my dog before the appointment?

It is a great idea to toilet your dog before the appointment as occasionally they will toilet on the table and may require a second bath, which will then take more time.


4) Should I bring my dog in on a lead?

All dogs must be on a lead or in a cage as we are also a vet clinic and have animals coming and going all the time.


5) What if my dog is really matted?

When your dog is brought to us the groomer will come and discuss with you what your expectations are. If the groomer notices at this stage that your dog is very matted they will advise you that it may be nicer for your dog to be clipped short this time, and then next time they will be in a better condition to do as you desire.

If it is only when the groomer has your dog on the table that she notices there are some matted areas then they will contact you to discuss this with you - therefore, it is important that we do have an up to date phone number at every visit.

Wet dogs! Please do not bring your dog in wet if possible as this will take longer for us to begin the groom as they need to be dry to start the groom. If it is raining then that can't be helped.


6) What if my dog has behavioural issues?

If you know of some behavioural issues that your dog has such as biting when being combed or if they are very fearful of other people or dogs please advise the groomer at time of drop off, as in some cases the dog may require a muzzle or even sedation.

Muzzles are sometimes required if your dog doesn't like knots being combed out or nails trimmed. Usually the muzzle is removed for the majority of the groom.

Sedation is only required in dogs that it is unsafe for the groomer to be handling.

If sedation is required, it is important to have a vet visit before your grooming appointment so they can assess your dogs health and any potential problems before undergoing the sedation. Costs for sedation is dependent on weight and how long they are sedated for.


7) Can I bring two dogs in at the same time? 

Yes, you can bring two dogs in at the same time. If you book early we are able to do them at the same time otherwise we may need to have them both for the day as they will be booked for different time that day. There is no discount given for 2 or more dogs.


Please do not hestitate to phone us anytime at 06 3588675 if you have further enquires about our grooming services. 


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