Increase in cases of Infectious Canine Cough in New Zealand (May 2022)


Veterinarians throughout New Zealand are seeing an increase in the number of infectious canine cough (previously known as kennel cough) in New Zealand.

The disease is characterised by a harsh, hacking cough that most people describe like “something stuck in my dog’s throat” or a “goose honk.” This respiratory illness can be spread between dogs who are not physically-distanced from each other (e.g. out on a walk/ playdate with friends dogs/ daycare / kennels etc) and via contaminated surfaces such as shared drinking/food facilities and toys etc.

Give us a call on 063588675 if you are concerned that your dog may have the canine cough. Please stay in the car with your dog when you've arrived at the clinic and call us to let us know you have arrived. Read more about infectious canine cough at


Published by Cahill Animal Hospital on 20 May 2022


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