Day Patient Procedures & Hospital Admissions - What to Expect

Pets requiring sedation or general anaesthesia for any procedure, including surgery, will need to be admitted for a day and/or overnight stay. This is so that we can closely monitor your pet's progress during and after sedation/anaesthesia. It also ensures that pets are fully recovered from their sedatives/anaesthetics and have their pain levels well-managed, if necessary, prior to going home with you. For some surgical patients, your veterinarian may recommend that your pet stays overnight at the clinic or be transferred to an overnight facility for closer monitoring.

Admission Forms

Prior to leaving your pet here at the clinic with us, a staff member will go through and complete an admission form in your presence. Please allow approximately 10 minutes for the admission forms to be completed.

As part of the admission process, do expect us to ask for:

  1. Your pet's weight to be documented
  2. An emergency contact number - do feel free to provide a primary and a secondary contact number if necessary.
  3. The time your pet was last fed.
  4. Information about previous anaesthetic reactions or known drug allergies.
  5. Information about ongoing medications your pet may be receiving - if yes, the name of the medication and time it was last given.
  6. Information about other health concerns you may have with your pet.
  7. Information about when your pet was last in season (heat) and/or whether there is a possibility that she could be pregnant.
  8. Your consent to proceed with the procedure/surgery listed on the form with the given estimate.
  9. Your consent for blood tests to be performed, if applicable.
  10. Your consent for specialist radiologist report or histopathology to be requested, if applicable.
  11. Your consent for emergency procedures (e.g. CPR) to be performed, if deemed necessary for the well-being of your pet.
  12. Your consent for students to assist with procedures under full supervision, if applicable.


You will have the opportunity to discuss any concerns associated with the risks of anaesthesia and surgery with a staff member before the procedure(s) begin. For first time clients, a deposit may be required prior to surgery/procedure being performed. Full payment of account is expected when your pet is discharged from the clinic.


Should you have any further enquires, please contact us at (06) 3588675 to chat with a team member.


Published by Cahill Animal Hospital on 28 July 2016
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