COVID-19 Updates: 19-24 March 2020

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23 March 2020 9.49pm   We can now confirm that Cahill Animal Hospital is an essential service and we will continue providing you with veterinary care through COVID-19 alert Levels 3 and 4, with significant changes to how we operate as a veterinary clinic. We are in the process of reviewing the essential veterinary services we are able to offer over the next several weeks and will update you further once more official information becomes available to us via the MPI, the Veterinary Council and the NZ Veterinary Association.

23 March 2020 2.43pm  We are currently experiencing a very high volume of calls since the COVID-19 alert was upgraded to Level 3 earlier this afternoon. Please know that we are working hard to assist everyone as quickly as we can and we thank you for your patience. Please also help us by:

(1) Only phoning us if you have a sick animal urgently requiring veterinary assistance - we will still see them if they are very unwell.
(2) Please stay in your cars when arriving at the clinic and phone us (or knock on the clinic door) to let us know that you have arrived.
(3) If you are needing to order prescription medications/foods, please phone us on 063588675 (there is a voicemail option if our lines are busy).
(4) Please maintain a 2 metre distance in our clinic reception.
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21 March 2020   The COVID-19 threat in New Zealand has been moved up to Level 2 as of midday today. In an effort to reduce contact between clients, our clinic has implemented further strategies for the upcoming weeks:

(1) We may be contacting you to reschedule your appointment to a different time or date.
(2) We will be cancelling any routine appointments e.g. health checks, vaccinations, nail clips and elective desexing surgeries etc until further notice
(3) We may be contacting you cancel your dog's grooming appointment.
(4) Only one person per family should accompany the pet into the clinic. If more than one person would like to be part of the consultation, we welcome you to listen in through video conferencing with your family member.
Read further on the COVID-19 alert levels here.
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19 March 2020   The well-being of our clients, patients and staff members are always our priority. We need to keep our staff healthy so we can continue to care for your pets. In the interest of public health & safety, our clinic is monitoring the ongoing COVID-19 situation closely and are implementing some strategies based on the advice provided by the World Health Organisation and the NZ Ministry of Health. This situation is constantly evolving so if you are not sure, please ring us on 063588675.

(1) If you have returned from overseas in the last 2 weeks and/or have flu-like symptoms, please do not bring your pets in yourself during your self-isolation period. We invite you to send a friend or family member in with your pets instead. If a representative is bringing your pet into our clinic on your behalf, please complete the pet health questionnaire (our reception will email this to you and you can also download it here) and also do ensure that you are available by phone to discuss your pet’s care during the time of the veterinary consultation.

(2) Please allow at least 2-3 working days for your pet's prescription medications and prescription diets to be ordered in during this time.

(3) We will be instituting additional sanitising measures within the clinic. Please bear with us if we are a little slower than usual, human health is just as important to us as your pets' health

(4) There is limited evidence mammalian pet animals (including dogs and cats) can be infected with COVID-19 and no current evidence of companion cats/dogs acting as a source of infection to humans/other animals. Please see the below links to view some FAQ's on the COVID-19 and animals:


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 Thank you so much for your patience and kind understanding.
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Kia kaha,
The team at Cahill Animal Hospital 
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