Driveway Safety for You and Your Pets


Every year, we see several driveway-related incidents presented to our clinic. Both cats and dogs have been run over in their own driveways when they are slow to get out of the way of the reversing car, or when they leap into the path of the moving vehicle because they are excited to see their owner returning home. Elderly pets with reduced hearing and/or impaired vision who enjoy sleeping under the car are also particularly at risk, because they may be slow to move out of the vehicle’s way or simply not see or hear the car coming. Therefore, please be very careful and ensure that your pet is safely out of the way when driving into, and reversing out of your driveway and garage.

Injuries associated with driveway accidents range from traumatic brain injury, chest/abdominal/spinal injuries, ruptured bladders, diphragmatic/abdominal wall hernias, joint dislocations, tail-pull injuries, fractured pelvis and broken limbs; and a proportion of these cases die on immediate impact with the vehicle.

Please do not hesitate to phone us at 063588675 to request an emergency consultation if you suspect, or have seen your pet being hit by a car. Drive safely everyone.

Look before reversing

 Published by Cahill Animal Hospital on 14 March 2016
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