Jane Fraser DVN

Jane has been professionally grooming dogs for over half a decade and had developed her professional skills at Angels Grooming Academy in Auckland, under the direct tutelage of a Master Groomer. Jane was previously a dog groomer here at Cahill Animal Hospital in 2013-2014 and has spent her time away from CAH working towards her Master Groomer's qualifications. Jane has successfully completed four out of five exams under the Master Groomer's certification course. While Jane enjoys working with several different dog breeds, she particularly enjoys grooming poodles and other wool-coated breeds. She also has a vested interest in building rapport and trust with timid dogs to improve their overall comfort during a dog grooming session.

Outside work, Jane regularly plays indoor netball and enjoys travelling. Jane shares her home with her husband Luke, Midget the cat, Diamond the dog, and four goldfish. 


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