Hi everyone - in recent weeks, we have seen an increase in number of kennel cough cases in dogs after they have been at a boarding facility. If you suspect your dog has kennel cough, please phone us at 063588675 to schedule for your pet to be checked over. As kennel cough is infectious (contagious) to other pets, please let us know as soon as you arrive at the clinic so that we can arrange for your dog to be put into a consult room straight away, to minimise the spread to others in the waiting area. It is imperative that all suspect kennel cough cases are checked over by a veterinarian, because if left untreated, kennel cough - similar to the whooping cough in humans - may progress to pneumonia (severe lung infection).

Kennel cough is a broad term for an upper respiratory tract infection (infectious tracheobronchitis) that can be caused by several organisms, most of which can be vaccinated for. It is also important to realise that the term "kennel" cough is somewhat misleading in that your dog does NOT necessary have to be in the kennels to catch this infection - he/she can pick it up from greeting or socialising with other dogs outside your home. Regardless, please do ensure that your pets' vaccinations are all up to date before entering a boarding facility. Find out more about kennel cough here.


Published by Cahill Animal Hospital 01 February 2016
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