Weight Management!


Bling here! Some of you may have noticed recently that I have put on a bit of extra weight. I didn't even realise this, so now I have been put on a special prescription diet, which is designed to keep me feeling full but will help me lose the winter pounds that have piled on, while still giving me all the nutrition and calories I need to carry-on with my normal routine. I love the taste of the food which is a bonus, as I always thought diet food didn't taste very nice. Many of us don’t realise that our pets are overweight. Excessive weight on your pet can make a big impact on your pet’s health and longevity.


Risks of obesity

These are just some of the problems that can be increased in severity due to obesity.


Causes of obesity



Weight loss


The team at Cahill's has designed a feeding regime which suits my routine, so I will get the best results. I will be weighed every two weeks and if I am not loosing enough weight, the amount of food I get will be reduced. I have been told I am not allowed to be fed anything else apart from my special diet, so I hope I can resist taking the food being offered to me by people on the street and at the places I visit.


There is a cool website, which has a graph of my progress so we can see how things are going and if I am on track. This website is run by Hill's Pet Nutrition so can only be used with the Hill's products.




 The above information is provided for educational purposes only and not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional veterinary medical advice, diagnosis or treatment; and should not be relied on solely as veterinary advice. If you have a pet that is overweight or you are concerned he/she might be call the clinic on (06) 3588675 to organise a check over with one of our veterinarians, and once your pet has had a thorough check-over, our vet will talk you through the different options for your situation.





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