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Urology: Increased Drinking and Urination

Increased Thirst and Urination Seen an increase in your pet's thirst and/or urination habits recently? Then you'll need to read this! Possible Causes Here is a non-exhaustive list exploring the several possible causes of alterations to drinking and urination habit

Weight Management: Obesity

Weight Management!   Bling here! Some of you may have noticed recently that I have put on a bit

Weight Management: Unexpected Weight Changes

Unexpected Weight Changes Any unexpected weight changes, be it a loss or gain, should be of concern.  Our clinic offers a free weight check for all pets - simply swing by the clinic during our opening hours, and pop your dog on our scales! For cats, it will be preferable that you phone ahead to let us know that you are coming by - this is to ensure that we minimise the waiting ti
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